About This Station and its Owner

Powered by both conventional (alternating current/direct current) and solar energy, data is collected by the Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station (purchased from RainmanWeather) whose console (firmware revision 3.15) interfaces - thanks to the Davis Weatherlink software and (USB) datalogger - with Weather Display software - version 10.37S-(b151) - running on an Intense PC "Value" purchased from FitPC. This website is self-hosted using a Synology NAS (Networked Attached Storage) model DS115 (DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 6 as of 14 June 2022) running Synology's webserver software and Linux OS (3.2.40). The station is comprised of a separately-sited anemometer, and a sensor suite containing a rain gauge, thermo-hydro sensor, and solar/UV sensors, all situated in optimal positions for the highest accuracy possible. The owner of this site is a member of the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) and the weather station has been registered with the designation DW8219. The data collected is periodically checked by NOAA's Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS) and can be checked here and compared here with the data obtained from other weather stations. MesoWest also does a quality check of the data, and this can be viewed here. MesoWest also provides a convenient way to download the data. This weather station also submits data to the Northeastern Weather Network, the Mid-Atlantic Weather Network, the Weather Underground under the designation KNJHASBR2, AWEKAS (an acronym for "Automatisches WEtterKArten System"), PWS Weather under the station name HASBROUCK, Anything Weather.com under the station name SE of Hasbrouck Heights, and Windy.com under the station number f0752930 (DW8219).

About My Friends (and those who have helped me)

I could NEVER have gotten the NWS alerts to work without the help of John J. Krawczyk ("JJ") at the WXFORUM (he took so very much of his time to answer my questions with knowledge and patience)! I owe a special thanks to John Paneggiante for all of his hardware help, and to Craig Savino for his software savvy (especially PHP scripting). Additional help with PHP scripts was also generously provided by Ken True, Dan Fandrich, and Alan Wolfe. The electrical power for the anemometer - as well as its erection, positioning and grounding - was done by Kübler Electric. This family-run business in Hasbrouck Heights provides outstanding service in the "old school" tradition of quality, expertise, and workmanship! I have hired them on multiple occasions, but more importantly, they are my friends upon whose help I can always rely.

About This City

Please refer to the history section of the city's official website for the history of Hasbrouck Heights.

About This Website

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Special thanks go to Kevin Reed at TNET Weather for his work on the original Carterlake templates, and his design for the common website PHP management.
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Special thanks go to Ken True of Saratoga-Weather.org for the AJAX conditions display, dashboard and integration of the TNET Weather common PHP site design for this site. Mr. True is both a wealth of knowledge and a paradigm of patience in helping out those working on their weather websites - his continued support is deeply appreciated.

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